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It’s all ’bout social, folks – workshop

This workshop does three things:

First, it educates. A thorough understanding of social networks and social media is required for you to deal with it. ‘I’m on facebook’ is not enough. Having tweeted is not enough. Watching Youtube is not enough. If you’re responsible for or working in  marketing, communication, customer services, sales, you need to know more. This workshop gives you the fundamentals and lots of examples as a first step.

Second, it entertains. The workshop is very entertaining – lot’s of fun!

Third, it applies. This workshop is all about you and your organization. A big part of it is about your objectives and creating new ways of getting there. The creative juices need to flow!

The workshop is for 10 people maximum. …. Want to book?

Social strategy

The social strategy service takes you from an ambition to a strategic plan. The inspiration – and sometimes motivation – of the strategy is customer behavior and technological innovation on social networks and social media.

Most traditional approaches to strategy assume that the future of a business may be predicted accurately enough to choose a clear strategic direction for it. We believe that this assumption is not valid for most businesses. That’s why we take uncertainty into account in formulating your strategy. We identify four levels of uncertainty: a clear enough future, alternative futures, a range of futures and true ambiguity. Each of those levels require of different type of strategy.

Creating your social strategy follows a three step approach:

First, gather information:

  • What is your ambition and concrete goals – relevant for the social strategy to be developed?
  • What are your assets? What do you bring on the table?
  • What is your target group? What is the (online) social behavior? What behavioral factors play a role with respect to your ambition?
  • What are the relevant trends? What is the potential strategic value of a trend level and what is the level of uncertainty?

Second, create your strategy:

Based on the identified level of uncertainty, a creative and analytical process is executed. We supply you with the process, tools and expertise to create your strategy. But, it’s your business, it’s your strategy – your intimate involvement is required!

Third, make a plan:

Strategy is all about getting where you want. The strategy plan is describing what you are going to do in order to take the first step in your strategic direction.

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Social concepts & campaigns

‘Social’ is important. Hey, it’s the #1 activity on the internet. If you believe that social networks and social media are much more than just a media planning exercise, you should contact us! We have the expertise, experience and creativity to create an effective campaign.  A campaign that is relevant in context of social behaviors  and that delivers on your campaign objectives.

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