What we believe

Siteless believes that the social net is going to have a bigger and more profound impact on our work and our lives than good ol’ internet. How we buy, entertain, inspire, get service, laugh, party, argue and agree. The social net is the single biggest trend of the past ten years for consumers and businesses alike. The rules that govern the social net are very different from the rules of the internet. Businesses that understand and embrace have a competitive advantage.

Siteless is an agency that helps organizations to ‘get going with social’. We provide services – ranging from inspiring workshops to social media campaigns. The sitelessers – yes, that’s the people working here – are each experienced in a specific field: strategy, design, copy, art and account.

What our clients like

Our clients like our expertise, our motivation and our values.

  • Integrity – matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Respect – for the environment and each other
  • Best team – the best people working together striving for the best result
  • Client focus – to attain the objectives of our client

Our expertise is second to none – the team is comprised of specialist with each at least 10 years active in their respective field, working for major clients and major projects.

Our motivation is to always get to the objectives. That’s it. So, we’re not in it for the awards – and if we do win, please let it be an award for effectiveness.

We have places we like to work, we don’t have an office. We send invoices, we don’t have an accounting department. We like to travel, we don’t have company cars. We charge for our work, not for our overhead. Our clients like that too!

What we like

We like clients that our passionate about their business. Because we’re passionate – it just works better that way.

We like the hard stuff. Selling surfboards to 50-70 year olds is hard. Talking about STD’s is hard. Having your customers promote you is hard. Winning FIFA 2010 is hard. Doubling your online sales is hard. We like it.

We spend at least 20% of our time on non-client projects – for social responsibility and for fun. Because there’s more than just making ends meet.

We are fascinated by social networks and social media. The siteless blog explores an online world without sites. And you can join us in this exploration. By reporting what you see, what you find cool and what not. By disagreeing or by sharing articles you like on Facebook.

Siteless is on siteless.org, facebook.com, twitter.com, linkedin.com and articles will appear on other blogs as well.

Siteless is all about the social net: the internet where, finally, everyone has a place. And this place is not a site. Hence, Siteless.