Everyone has a place on the social web. So where are you?

Siteless is all about the social net. The internet where, finally, everyone has a place. Except you.

Hence, Siteless.

Siteless refers to a thinking where your site should not be central in online communication strategy. People really don’t care about your site. The rather spend time with their friends.  So, why don’t you go where the party is instead of investing in trying to get people to your party?

Social is big

Siteless believes that the social net is going to have a bigger and more profound impact on our work and our lives than good ‘ol internet. How we buy, entertain, inspire, get service, laugh, party, argue and agree. This is the single biggest trend of the past five years for consumers and businesses alike.

How you communicate with your customers is impacted likewise.


Siteless helps you to be successful  – with the following services: